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2019-12-17 11:00:13

Optimization of car rental business

The European car rental market continues to flourish thanks to the inexhaustible flow of tourists, the growth of population, stabilization of the economy and increased incomes of citizens.

The European car rental market continues to flourish thanks to the inexhaustible flow of tourists, the growth of population, stabilization of the economy and increased incomes of citizens. Such favorable conditions don’t guarantee that the company will flourish. Numerous difficulties connected with the fleet maintenance and customer service can affect the success and profitability of the business.

All management tools of car rental are aimed at its automatization. There is also various car rental booking software that allows not only to monitor the vehicle fleet and orders but also to improve it. This makes the process of finding and booking cars much faster, more efficient and safer, that is why modern consumers tend to use more convenient applications and services.

Problems solved by rental car software

Car rental firms face many problems that can be solved only with the help of well-designed software. Such tools can greatly simplify the management of the vehicle fleet and generally facilitate everyday car rental activities.

What are the problems and how well-designed software solves them:

  • Simplification of booking. Difficulties in booking bring discomfort not only to the company but also to the client. Car rental with a personal website and rental car software saves the tenant time quite a few because he can book a car online. This improves the reputation in the eyes of the client, increases confidence and speaks of quality service, and therefore brings new customers.
  • Vehicle tracking. The most urgent problem in the car rental sector is the theft of rented cars. Thanks to the software, the company can track a missing vehicle, controlling incoming and outgoing objects. It also allows monitoring if someone uses a car when it’s not booked.
  • Vehicle fleet management. For small firms, this is not such a problem as for large and growing companies. As the vehicle fleet increases, it is necessary to spend more and more time on its optimization. Negligence can lead to confusion in available and unavailable machines. It is especially about companies with several rental points. Untimely and inaccurate service can cause the tenant's discontent and worsen the reputation.
  • Real-time reports. Car rental companies should always know where one or another car is located. With the help of software, all the necessary information can be obtained in real time.
  • Revenue Management. To manage the revenue prudently even of a small car rental is quite difficult, let alone the large companies with dozens of units. Quality software allows balancing accounts precisely, to manage all transactions and to have access to them at any time.
  • Electronic payments and their security. Online payments are rapidly gaining popularity due to their convenience, simplicity, and efficiency. But you must be sure that the software provides sufficient security and is protected from possible cyber attacks.
  • Intuitive interface. No matter how great software you were offered, if it’s difficult to understand. All navigation should be simple and well-coordinated so that you can quickly and accurately operate with certain data. It’s important that the car rental software is simple enough for both the company and its customers.
  • Adaptability and mobile optimization. One of the most important points that provide the client with maximum convenience. Will it be a mobile application or a website, correctly displayed on the screen - it is of little relevance. The main thing is that a person can use your services at any time and in any place.
  • Maintenance of the vehicle fleet. It’s very expensive to monitor the condition of cars manually — this leads to organizational disorders and customers' dissatisfaction. Here comes to help good software, which allows optimizing the use of resources, including fuel consumption, and also notifies about the need for planned maintenance.

RentSyst — car rental business software

Rental Car Software RentSyst includes all modules for vehicle fleet management, online booking, and real-time tracking. The company has an opportunity to track cars and to get quickly any necessary information. The tenant can instantly get information about available cars, prices, and discounts for customers. The service allows optimizing the car rental business prudently.

All incoming and outgoing documentation can be maintained directly on the platform. The ability to generate accounts and invoices, allows managers to significantly facilitate the process of managing business operations, to monitor the movement of funds and vehicle fleet in real time.

Most of the difficulties of vehicle fleet management are solved with the help of RentSyst. The platform has standard modules and the ability to fully customize to the needs of a particular car rental. Software integration significantly improves service quality and optimizes costs.


Car rental software provides companies with customizable tools which help to manage their operations and to direct interaction with customers. Office managers and sales representatives use these products to monitor the vehicle fleet, to assist tenants, and to manage various office tasks.

Software features include inventory, reports about transport history, customer databases, payment processing, GPS tracking and accounting. Car rental software integrates with the payment gateway to ensure secure payment transactions and also billing software.