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VOS system - A great tool for a car rental business

VOS system is a system of sensors that we install on your cars and synchronize with our system.

About VOS system.

RentSyst VOS system is a great tool for car rental business!

VOS system is a system of sensors that we install on your cars and synchronize with our system.

For the correct operation of the VOS system, it is necessary to install one of the sensor types: Full or Limited. Each of them has its own set of indicators. After successfully connecting to the on-board computer of the car, the sensors are synchronized with the RentSyst system and you can enjoy all the advantages of the selected type of sensors.

With our sensors you will be able to:

  • know the current location of your vehicle and its movement history ,
  • know what fuel level is in your vehicle right now,
  • know if the vehicle has left the permitted movement zone,
  • know whether the vehicle was used WITHOUT reservation,
  • receive notifications if the set speed is exceeded,
  • control the aggressive driving style,
  • receive notifications about engine overheating,
  • open/close doors, turn on/off the engine and headlights, block the engine - all this remotely,
  • pick up/return cars remotely,
  • get notifications from the system about an accident with your vehicle,
  • monitor excess mileage.

Depending on the type of sensors selected, you will get the necessary features.

Where to configure sensors?

In the “Setting” section, there is a “Checks & Control” tab, where you can configure speed limit, engine temperature, aggressive driving style, car use without reservation and car movement beyond the allowed zone.


Where to manage cars?

If you go to the card of the car on which the sensor is installed, in the “Settings” section you will see the “Controls” tab. It is there that you can remotely control important elements of the car. This section also has the “Indicators” tab where you can see the fuel level and the total mileage of the car which will be automatically transmitted from our sensors.


How is vehicle movement displayed?

In the “Dashboard” section, a widget with GPS vehicle movements will be available to you. You will be able to watch the movement speed and fuel level of your vehicle in real time.


Movement History. Where to watch?

In the vehicle on which the sensor is installed, you can watch its movement history. To do this, go to the card of the car on which our sensor is installed. You will see the “Show history” button.


If you have any questions about working with or installing our VOS system, you can always contact our specialists. They will help you!

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