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2019-12-10 10:35:56

Update "Settings". New tabs, new features

Meet a big upgrade of the “Settings” section for all the users of our service section - RentSyst.

Weekly update!

Meet a big upgrade of the “Settings” section for all the users of our car rental software - RentSyst.

Our team has worked on optimizing this section, so now it is convenient, understandable, and easy to use. We have also added a couple of interesting and very useful settings.


On the whole, most of the settings remained the same. They are simply distributed among other tabs that are more logical in our opinion. It became more convenient to add employees and assign them access rights to the system. Visually, we made the work with the “Location and Delivery” tab more pleasant. Also, now you are able to download templates that you work with, such as (Agreement, Agreement confirmation text, Company signature, Confirmation letter).

But let us talk about the new settings that have been added to our car rental system - Agents and Control.

Agents. A very useful setting for those who work with brokers, agents, or hotel complexes that actively use your vehicles. By adding a new Agent, you create a personal account for them in the RentSyst where they will have a completely different admin panel with completely different data.

The added Agent will not have access to your personal admin panel and your data.


When adding a new Agent, be sure to indicate the “Connection Type” for comfortable cooperation.

Control. For those who have installed VOS sensors in their cars, flexible configuration of these sensors is available. Now it is possible to control the speed of the car, engine temperature, and driving aggressiveness.

What is driving aggressiveness? How does it work? How is it calculated?

Here we can see 3 sliders that adjust the sensitivity for the 3 main indicators::

  • Speeding-up
  • Braking
  • Sharp turn (radian per second)


All this is measured in g (the higher the percentage, the higher g). That is, the higher the scale, the greater the sensitivity.

These settings will allow you to protect your cars from lovers of aggressive driving.

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