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To rent a car? Profitable or not?

Car rental is a very competitive industry that can bring good profits.

Car rental is a very competitive industry that can bring good profits. To pay off the car rental, you need to determine a business model, find a suitable place and create your vehicle fleet. In addition, before you rent the first car, you need to fulfill all the insurance and regulatory requirements, such as to obtain permission to do business. Doing everything right and dealing with the risks, it will be very profitable to rent a car.

Car rental industry overview and statistics

Over the past five years, the rental market has grown significantly. This is primarily due to the reduction of the number of airline customers, which number is now actively growing again. It is expected that the car rental sector will grow until 2021 after an increase in the number of passengers traveling by air, that is associated with an increase in per capita income and corporate profits.

The largest car rental companies in the industry have a competitive advantage over the smaller firms, especially since they have strategic alliances with airlines and hotels that smaller car rental companies do not have.

Global car rental is divided into segments - intracity, intercity, “on-airport” and others. From these four, “on-airport” is considered the most significant segment, that accounted for almost half of the total market in recent years, and is expected to remain the most visible.

Small car rental companies can easily compete with other small car rental companies at the regional or local level. At the same time, with larger companies, they can not. The best option for a small car rental - to gain the trust of local customers and companies, and cooperation with medium and large car rental as well.

What are the risks of the car owner while renting

Among the main risks for car owners when renting are car theft, damage and complete destruction of the vehicle. To get rid of them completely, you must ensure the car as much as possible. That minimizes financial expenses in the case of an insured event.

There is a risk to become a victim of the fraudsters who can use cars in various scams and other illegal operations. To protect yourself as much as possible, you need to make a clear list of requirements for a potential client: his age, category of licenses and driving experience. Renting a car, it is important to take a receipt, which will include passport data, address, phone number, as well as the state and features of the rented vehicle.

It is also important to use special rental car software that allows controlling the mileage and location of the car. It is also necessary to inspect the car in time, to diagnose and maintenance at the service station.

A few tips for doing business

Before renting a car, read the following recommendations:

  • When insuring a car, pay for an unlimited number of drivers so that anyone can drive.
  • Install a tracking device on each car to monitor the location.
  • Determine the place where the car will be between the orders.
  • Approach to advertising of the car rental responsibly.
  • Immediately set a fixed maximum mileage per day, in order, the car won't be used as a taxi.

Sites where you can place ads for car rental

Such aggregators of offers allow the owner to register as a private person or the vehicle fleet to provide rental services. That allows to reach a large number of the target audience and select the most profitable deals.

The necessity of verification is also important, that confirms the identity and contact details of the tenant. The interfaces of most popular services are very convenient and multifunctional, and they provide additional security and increase coverage.

Business Management with RentSyst

RentSyst is the software that helps to manage with daily operations and simplifies the interaction between the car owner and the tenant. With this software, every car rental, whether it is a single car or a whole fleet of vehicles, can control orders and work fully with customers.

In the Car Rental Software RentSyst interface, you can see detailed information on each order, as well as a convenient calendar that displays the reservation. Here you can see all the information about each car, reviews and customer ratings. In addition, with the car rental solutions from RentSyst, it is much easier to keep outgoing and incoming bookkeeping, as well as to forecast future incomes.


The development of professional car rental requires clear planning. Such business is very sensitive to price, industry and competitive environment, that's why some companies can surpass even their main competitors, only being able to respond faster and adapt adequately to market fluctuations.

One of the other key features of successful rental companies is the modern software that simultaneously allows to control all aspects of the business and provides customers with quick access to services. Such car rentals software should work flawlessly and look simple to satisfy the client.

All these nuances can help a car rental business to make a profit very quickly if ignoring them, on the contrary, can break it in the shortest time.