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2019-10-25 17:00:30

Is the Timeline tab really convenient?

Timeline — a tab that allows the user to view the history of the fleet in real-time and quickly edit its work.

Timeline — one of RentSyst car rental software tabs, that allows the user to view the history of the fleet in real-time and quickly edit its work. By definition, the tab is similar to the Daily plan, in so doing it provides an opportunity to see not only projects of the current date, but also displays orders in a week or a month.

Timeline is a tool that will allow the car owner to monitor the entire fleet, see the number of rented cars and the rental period, as well as edit the data.


Timeline Tab features

The Timeline tab provides an easy way to manage fleet activities on one page. Opposite each order there’s a green strip, the length of which can be easily adjusted, as well as the possibility of changing the rental period accordingly. You can also relocate the strip to another free car by linking the client and the order number to it.

Disposal of the orders is also available hein the tab — just click on the red X that appears to the left of the selected order. In addition to the green symbols, there’s gray, blue, red and orange — these are: reservation, return from service, sending to service and returning from rent, respectively.

The green bar shows the order ID and allows you to go into its details. Furthermore, the abilities to filter displays and select a display period are available. If you hover over the name of the car and click “Add Action”, you can add reserve or schedule inspection to it.

What’s the convenience of the Timeline tab to fleet owners:

  • relevant information about each car on one page;
  • the ability to edit data about rent, reservation, maintenance;
  • intuitive interface and navigation;
  • changing the display period and filtering orders.


The Timeline tab is a convenient and functional element of the Car Rental Software RentSyst admin panel, which allows you to track and adjust the fleet in real time. This page contains all the relevant information about each vehicle involved, which makes it possible to see the bigger picture and, if necessary, make changes.