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2020-01-15 09:25:45

FAQ - There will be no more questions

When you have questions about using our system, the best thing is to go to the FAQ. Our team has completed this important section.

After successful registration, you begin to use our CRM system - RentSyst, and in the first minutes many questions may appear: How to add a car? How to edit an order? How to see car statistics? Where to get the user agreement for the client? and much more.

FAQ - answers to questions. We have finished a very useful, but not the last, part of our service. We have placed the answers to all all the questions that may appear when working with RentSyst. Our FAQ is currently available in three languages: English, Greek and Russian.

In our FAQ you will not get lost and can easily find the answer you need. Working with the FAQ is divided into three parts:

The first part is a search for questions. ” Typing the first letters, our algorithm will show all possible options that are suitable for the typed request.

The second part is the TOP of popular questions. In this category you will be able to frequently asked questions that came to our support team.

The third part - These are the categories. For the convenience of finding the answer to the question, we have made categories. If you have questions about “Settings”, clicking on the desired category will get a list of all possible answers for “Settings”.

A very convenient “Drop-down list” system which is located inside each answer. In order not to return to the previous page, or not to re-enter the category, you can use the “Drop-down list” and see what other answers to questions are in this category of FAQ.

And of course, if you have not found the answers to the question you need - you can always write to our experts, and they will answer your request as soon as possible.