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2021-02-04 16:30:42

Big 2021 update from RentSyst

Our development team has prepared a big update for you.

Dear RentSyst users. Our development team has prepared a big update for you. We hope you enjoy these updates.

Update list:

  • Updated Agents
  • Minimum car delivery time
  • Improvements with Contact
  • Improvements with Maintenance
  • Improvements with Vehicles

Let's consider each update.

Updated Agents

We have updated the visual and functional part of the Agents.


Now Agents have additional capabilities:

  • You can give permission to Agents to take money from clients.
  • You can allow Agents to change prices in the order itself.
  • The Agent can only take the Prepayment on his side.


In the Payments section, there are now separate indicators on money transactions for Agents. There is a separate Agents tab for this.


We have redesigned the personal account of the Agents. Now it has become more functional and easier to understand.

We added our widgets to the main page. Now the Agent has important information on the main page.


Added the Payments tab in which the Agent can monitor his personal financial indicators.


An agent can make a request to withdraw his earned money, which is charged in his office. To do this, he clicks on Add Payment and fills in all the necessary data


The main account will be notified accordingly. After confirmation, the main account will be updated.


If you have checked “Can company agent take prepayment” at the Agent, then in the Payments section the Agent payout will be automatically created with its commission.


Minimum car delivery time

Now it is possible to set the minimum delivery time to cars in HOURS. What is this for? Your Client arrives at the airport and wants to book a car rental 15 minutes after arrival. And your company will not be able to deliver a car in 15 minutes, for this they made the minimum time for car delivery.

How it work? The specified value is added to the present time


This is how it will look when creating an order.

At the moment, this function is only available when manually creating an order in the system. We'll bring this to WP Plugin and iFrame a little later.

Improvements with Contact

Now in the Contacts tab you can filter by Contact Type.


Contact value. We have added a second diagram to the contacts, which shows his TOTAL balance, for the entire history of the contact and the DEBT. If the contact is due for some order. The amount will be displayed here.


Delete contact. Now you can delete Contacts yourself.


The driver's driving experience was added to the customer card. This experience is counted from the date of issue of the driver's license.


When adding the "Passport" Document type, it became possible to make a note to this document.


New type of document - ID Card


Documents in Companies. Now you can add any type of documents to the Company and create orders with them.


Confidants tab. Here you can track with which contacts the car rental was. This section is located in the client's card, in the History section.


We also added the Bonuses tab to the History section. Where you can track all the information about the accruals and write-offs of bonuses. We also added the Add Bonus button. so that you can independently accrue or write off bonuses


Improvements with Maintenance

Expanded the list of Payment Methods. Now there is not only Cash, but all the necessary methods.


Added filters in the Services section. Now you can filter by Days (range of days), by Partner and by Maintenance type (this filter displays all Maintenance that were added in the Settings. If Custom maintenance is added, then it will be searched for by the filter as Other)


A filter by Maintenance Type has also been added to the Checklist


Improvements with Vehicles

Now it is possible to add Custom fields. Both when adding a new car and when editing an existing one. If you add one Custom fields, then this field will be automatically displayed in all existing and added cars in the future.

Of course this field can be removed in a specific vehicle and everything will be fine. You can create unlimited custom fields and name them whatever you want in any languages.


You can also make these fields public. They will be streamed and published to a plugin or iFrame.


Description in Damage. Now, when adding a new Damage to a vehicle, it is possible to describe this damage.


This update our programmers also fixed a lot of small and big mistakes, optimized our system for better it works.