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2023-03-01 12:00:23

Update Highlights Q1 2023

List of RentSyst updates and features that were added during January-March of 2023

Dear RentSyst users,

As always our Team is working for new system updates, and here we prepared a quarterly update list of features that we added during January - March of 2023.

List of updates:
  1. New feature for notification added for mobile web-apps.
  2. Moving over the allow zone – new notification for Trackers available now.
  3. New notification type added – Rental reminder for client.
  4. New notification type added – Maintenance reminder.
  5. New filters in the Violations tab.
  6. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) added.
  7. New body type – Golf car.
  8. TimeLine full screen upgrade.
  9. Default filters structure.
  10. Invoice date change position.
  11. Field Taxes in booking (for booking plugin and iFrame) change position.
  12. American date format is added.
  13. A new language has arrived – Albanian language available now.

Quick review how it looks:

1. New feature for notification added for mobile web-apps. Now you can easily see new notification reminders sign on your smartphones or tablets.

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2. Moving over the allow zone – new notification for Trackers available now.

Mark working area zone at 2nd module Locations & Delivery. Activate Tracker Control in notifications. This option is available in VOS settings and allows you to see notification about violations if your vehicle leaves the selected zone (working area). This feature works in pair with integration with tracker devices.




3. New notification type added – Rental reminder for client.

Activate in the Notifications and Templates tab. This is an automatic reminder for your Customer by email about upcoming rental, sending 24 hours before rental is starting. By default, the system sends the same email as the Order confirmation template, but the topic of the email with a reminder. In the next updates, we plan to expand this feature and give you a possibility to customize a period for this notification reminder.

4. New notification type added – Maintenance reminder.

Activate in the Notifications and Templates tab. This is an automatic reminder for Admin / fleet managers that your vehicle should be placed in the service.




5. New filters added for the Violations tab.

Now you can filter your violations by next parameters:

- Over speed

- Aggressive style of driving

- Engine overheating

- Low accumulator voltage

- Moving without order alert

- Moving over allowed zone alert

- Odometer limit (mileage overlimit)

- Other (your own custom option)


6. More security options! Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is added to RentSyst.

You can activate this new security option to access your rentsyst account in a general setting, using the standard Google Authenticator App.

How to find that feature?

Click on your avatar – choose General – Account settings – Two Factor Authentication – switch slider to activate. After you will see a popup window with QR code – scan it to add RentSyst to your Google Authenticator App. Next add 6 digits code to save the 2FA option.


7. New body type – Golf Car.

Yes, Rentsyst is also used by companies who provide golf car rental services. So we added a new vehicle body type Golf car to provide more convenient operations to work with damages.


8. TimeLine full screen button.

This is a powerful feature that was awaited by most of our customers. We added a new button for full screen, which makes it possible now to open the Timeline frame on the whole screen. This button makes it much more convenient to work and track all operations of the calendar and fleet, especially for rental companies with big fleets.


9. Default filters structure updates.

We re-builded and upgraded the filters structure. Now you can choose your main default filter at any page/board (Timeline, Reservations, etc.) and save it as a bookmark in your browser.

Your bookmark is saved as a unique filter URL, so every time page will open the same default filter which you were chosen.

10. Invoice date update.

Now the date of invoice is oriented near the number of Invoices and looks more organic.


11. Taxes in booking (for booking plugin and iFrame) were changed transposition to the end of the list before total.


12. A new date format is added for our US customers.

Now available American date style marked as month / day / year format.

13. Albanian language is added.