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TOP car rental tips

How long have you been in the car rental business? Have you achieved everything you wanted or only on the way to the goal? Do you have this very goal?

How long have you been in the car rental business? Have you achieved everything you wanted or only on the way to the goal? Do you have this very goal? Do you work daily or don’t pay attention to routine work? Always ask yourself these questions and be involved in every aspect of your company.

This article is devoted to "life hacks", which will help to improve and optimize the work of car rental, and consequently, increase its profits.

How to reduce the risks of car damage

By itself, machine depreciation can’t be avoided. But at the same time, you can slow it down. Here are some recommendations, how to achieve these:

  • Leasing. Renting a car with the possibility of redemption, you increase the responsibility of the driver, who stops treating the car as someone else’s.
  • To monitor the duration of the overhaul periods. If the car is repaired too often, it is necessary to determine the reason for it. The reason may lie not only in the car itself but also in the quality of car service and installed spare parts.
  • If the car is practically not repaired, because it doesn’t give signals of malfunctions, anyway it is necessary to run a comprehensive diagnostic regularly at the service station. This will reveal even the smallest damages, without waiting for their impact on ride quality.

Which class of car is the most profitable to rent

The most purchased and rented cars are representatives of the middle class (standard). They are similar to economy variants, but have a more powerful engine and can carry about 5 people. These provide convenience and safety while driving, in urban conditions and on the highway as well.

If to turn to statistics, almost half of European residents use middle-class cars. The cost of purchase and maintenance of such models are also in the average price range.

The middle-class cars are a kind of "golden mean" between the budget and representative vehicles. These ensure their comfort, availability, and economy. The benefits also include endurance, because such a car is suitable not only for everyday driving but also for long intercity trips.

How to reduce the number of fines

As the car is your property, then all fines will be addressed to you. Many drivers, getting behind the wheel of someone else's car, drive it gently and treat it carefully. But not all drivers follow the road rules regularly, managing to get at least one for each ride. To reduce their number and your degree of responsibility, it’s necessary to draw up a lease agreement clearly, where will be specified the driver’s responsibility for violations.

How to draw up a lease agreement

Especially important is the lease to avoid liability for road crashes and accidents. The contract must be legally certified, relevant and include all possible aspects that a driver can experience on the road. Such a contract must be concluded with each tenant.

To make a competent lease agreement, we recommend hiring a professional lawyer. The money paid to him will be several times lower than the cost of warned risks. A number of aspects included in the contract should cover accidents, insurances, and overdue payments.

How to create your management company

Car rental management isn’t a mindless routine work, it requires knowledge, experience, skills and the availability of relevant management tools. The RentSyst management system will help to operate with all data, to monitor the transport, booking and other things successfully.

Main reasons to use RentSyst - car rental booking software:

  • Control of rented cars. Software modules allow you to manage the vehicle-fleet, all documentation, booking, and other data fully. With car rental solutions RentSyst, it’s much easier to distribute cars between tenants and monitor their current status.
  • Online booking. Each client can view independently all current information about available cars, discounts, and other relevant data, to book the selected model as well.
  • Reduction of paperwork. Document management is one of the most delicate and important tasks. Use special software to organize all available data, documents, contracts, and accounts.
  • Invoicing and revenue control. With the management system, it is easy to monitor all cash payments and to create various types of online accounts. Also with its help, it is very convenient to control incomes and expenses.
  • Process management. Software rental simplifies sales management greatly. You no longer need to check the cars manually. In the panel of software, all the available and rented cars in the vehicle fleet are clearly visible. That's why it’s much easier to calculate profits and to set further goals.

RentSyst car rental software provides complete control over your business and helps you to manage resources.


To ensure the success of your car rental business, you need management skills and resources to implement them. Approaching these issues carelessly, you can lose the most valuable asset of the company - the vehicle fleet.

To gain an advantage over the competitive companies, always be available and set fair prices. Another important point is the meticulous control of each process. This will allow understanding where you get the maximum profit, and what is less profitable.

To implement the proper work of the car rental use special rental car software. RentSyst will optimize every work process and paperwork, will allow controlling costs and profits, and also to make a forecast for further development.