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Integration with WorldLine NZ (Paymark)

New integration available now: Payment Gateway WorldLine New Zealand (Paymark Click)

New integration available now - welcome Payment Gateway WorldLine NZ.

Now all Customers who have a WorldLine account from New Zealand can easily integrate with RentSyst. This integration will provide you following options:

  • Use WorldLine directly in RentSyst
  • Automate online payment by cards with your Customers
  • Automate pre-payments by cards
  • Generate payment links inside RentSyst and send it to your customers in few clicks
  • Automate refunds

To connect WorldLine to RentSyst you will need to add Client ID, API Password, Account Number. All these credentials you can find inside your WorldLine account.

Please follow the link to see the full Guide – How to integrate Rentsyst with WorldLine NZ.