The European Summit 2017-2019
2024-06-17 10:00:51

Integration with Hitpay

New integration available now – Payment Gateway Hitpay

New payment provider is now available in RentSyst.

Now all customers who have a Hitpay account can easily integrate with RentSyst. This integration will allow you the following:

  • Use Hitpay directly in RentSyst
  • Automate online card payments with your Customers
  • Automate pre-payments by card
  • Generate payment links inside RentSyst and send it to your customers in few clicks

To connect a Hitpay account to RentSyst you will need “API keys” and “Salt” credentials.

Here you may check "Country coverage supported by Hitpay".

Please follow the “Guide – How to integrate Rentsyst with Hitpay” to connect.