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2020-06-04 15:50:38

Overbooking is now available at RentSyst

An update that our RentSyst customers have been really waiting for. We have Overbooking functionality.

Important update in our software!

An update that our RentSyst customers have been really waiting for. We have Overbooking functionality.

What is overbooking?

Imagine a situation where you have more than one client confirmed on the same car and on the same date, this is Overbooking (excess booking).

Now in the “Settings” you can activate the Overbooking slider. It is located in the first tab “System & Finance”.


By activating the slider, you will create copies of vehicles that are already in reserve. The client will not see that this is a copy, but in among other orders Overbooking will stand out in a different color and icon. We also added an “Indicator” which shows that you need to choose a different car for Overbooking.


Also, when creating a new order in the “manual” mode at the stage of selecting a vehicle, you can notice that some of them stand out. This means that this transport is already reserved for the indicated date and it automatically gets the “Overbooking” status.


Our car rental software will also notify you that before confirming a customer’s order to rent a car that is in the “Overbooking” status, you will need to replace the car with another available one. Our indicator, which is located next to the machine, will help you with this. By clicking on this icon, you enter information about the car which is to be replaced.


If you have Overbooking, please do not forget to find your client the car that they have chosen or offer them a replacement!

RentSyst strives to ensure that our customers are most comfortable using our car rental software!